Ceremony Coordinator

What does a Ceremony Coordinator do?
Our Ceremony Coordinator has extensive knowledge of the order of the ceremony.
She will guide your wedding party from the processional to the recessional. Everyone will know where they need to be at all times and feel assured that they are doing what they should be doing. 

She will meet perssonally with you to organize the happenings of the wedding. Do you need to have a special table for the ceremony? Maybe you need to set up the sand ceremony or wine ceremony? She knows exactly how to put everything at the altar ready.

She will direct the processional, so the bridal party knows how to prepare for the ceremony and how to approach the altar. She will let your bridal party feel confident that they are walking at the right time, with whom they are walking. She also coordinates with the DJ making sure that the DJ knows what should be played when and that a microphone is being provided for the ceremony.

Why do we need one?
Wedding Coorinators are expensive. Sometimes you are on a budget and need some guidance. This is one of the most important events of your lives. You want everything to be perfect. The Officiant is only responsible for performing the ceremony. The Officiant is not the person that directs the bridal party during the rehearsal or the wedding. Of course the Officiant will help the Ceremony Coordinator, but it is difficult for the Officiant to perform a ceremony if they have to worry about the bridal party. The Ceremony Coorinator services start $75 for both the rehearsal and the wedding, should you be using a South Coast Officiant. This is a small fee to rest assure that your ceremony will be perfect.