Marriage License

You must have a marriage license in order for the Officiant to perform your wedding ceremony. You may obtain the license at any County Recorder's Office up to 90 days before the wedding. 

You will both need to be present to obtain the Marriage License. You must have legal, picture identification. If you have been previously married, you will need to present your disolution of marriage documents. It is best to call the Recorder's Office to find out what the hours are and if they require an appointment. 

The Officiant is responsible for submitting the marriage license 10 business days from the wedding date. SCO personally delivers wedding licenses to the Recorder's Office, if it is a Riverside County license. This ensures that the license is presented on time, acknowledged by a county clek and is processed sooner. 

We recommend you order 3 copies of the license; one for each of you and an off-site license. You wil need t personaly request the licenses or get a notarized application.